Mr. 900 himself, Tony Hawk, has teased his next major pro skating title with a hilarious parody video of his previous games' character selection screens.

After Chef Joe Youkhan accidentally revealed he was catering to an Activision party or commercial shoot that was promoting a game called Tony Hawk 5, the world's greatest skater decided to do his own hilarious reveal of the project on his Instagram account. Tony Hawk posted a short video recorded from his smartphone that replicated the select-a-skater process from his previous games, with friend and fellow pro skater Rob Wootton acting as character being selected. Tony's video parodies the outfit and character selection process by having the person on screen doing random actions to get you to notice them. Wootton can be seen showcasing a variety of outfits and doing a different pose or action for each one, reminding us that characters on a selection screen never sit still.

"I am sharing this now in honor of our next game having been accidentally "leaked" recently... THPS fans will rejoice. Details soon," Hawk said in the post's description.

We have a feeling Youkhan's facepalm-worthy reveal came from Tony Hawk 5's trailer shoot, and that we won't be seeing the finished video unveiled until E3 2015, which is just six weeks from now. The Tony Hawk Pro Skater series was embraced from 1999-2002 along with his Underground games that followed. Unfortunately, oversaturation of the format (over 16 Tony Hawk games released since the series' 1999 debut) led to annual and underwhelming spin-offs, which reached rock bottom with the lackluster Ride game and its horrible sequels that used an atrocious, wheel-less skateboard peripheral that never worked the way it was intended.

We just hope this next game is nothing like the Tony Hawk games of the past seven years and that Robomodo is nowhere near this new project.