This strange life simulator game, which functions similarly to the Sims starring Nintendo Miis, is getting ready to set sail from Japan for a worldwide release.

Tomodachi Life, an expansive Mii game which attempts to simulate many aspects of normal life, has been announced for a Western release. A strange aspect of Tomodachi Life is that it is chock full of Japanese culture, which has some critics worried that North American and European players might not fully identify with the content.

Given that Animal Crossing was ported worldwide and still maintained much of its Japanese nuances, becoming one of Nintendo's most successful franchises in terms of worldwide success, Tomodachi Life might have a fighting chance.

Whether it be singing, mingling, shopping, eating or dating, there will be plenty of ways for you to live an exciting life and interact with people in this Sims-esque title. Tomodachi Life (Tomodachi is the Japanese word for friend), will be coming out on June 6 for Nintendo 3DS.