Titans, Pilots, wall-running and frenzied, frontier combat has flooded Twitch's servers since the broadcasting service launched on Xbox One the same day that Titanfall dropped.

The Xbox Wire reports that Xbox One console owners have already streamed over 10 million minutes of Titanfall gameplay through the system's Twitch app. Within the first week alone, over 100 thousand users streamed through Twitch from their Xbox One. This lead to the website's number of broadcasting users increasing by more than 20 percent.

“We have always considered enabling live streaming directly from consoles to be a key step in unlocking the ability for all gamers to share their experiences,” said Emmett Shear, Founder and CEO of Twitch. “Yet we never imagined the popularity would spread as fast as it has. Microsoft has really helped drive this expansion, and the great system architecture of Xbox One has allowed us to build a really great broadcasting experience with a robust feature set. We’re all very excited about working with Microsoft to continue rolling out new features on the platform.”

Twitch reports that just from March 10-11, over 2.7 million minutes of Xbox One footage were broadcasted alone, which absolutely shattered any record of Twitch's app use on gaming systems in a single day. Nearly 30 percent of all Twitch broadcasters were coming from Xbox Ones that day.

The guys at Twitch might want to save their vacation days for whenever Halo 5 drops.