As with Microsoft Studio's excellent decision to make the sole, playable character of the free-to-play version of Killer Instinct rotatable, our newest, free fighter to play as is none other than Chief Thunder.

According to Play XBLA, Thunder is now playable in Killer Instinct. Sabrewulf, the previous free-to-play character, has been knocked out and replaced with this tomahawk-wielding fighter. Don't let his large hitbox fool you, Thunder makes up for it with a melee attack range that exceeds most fighters (except for Glacius). Fortunately, Thunder is quite a bit faster than Glacius when it comes to moving around and getting in those fearsome chops.

Killer Instinct is currently available as a free game with a limited roster for the Xbox One. Purchasing Killer Instinct unlocks its full roster along with a plethora of bonus content. No telling when the next fighter will rotate in, so you better enjoy your time with Thunder while you can if you haven't upgraded to the full game just yet.