Celebrate Japan, the Xbox One is available now in your wonderful country? Oh, you didn't know? Well, take a look at these midnight launch pictures and see for yourself... whoops.

It seems that the Xbox One is not receiving the type of support Microsoft may have expected from Japan, as Kotaku chronicles with photos from the top electronics stores in the country. There are no lines outside, no crazies waiting for the clock to strike midnight to get their hands on the new Microsoft gaming console. Just lines of orange cones in front of empty stores, which is really strange.

Granted there are pictures of excited Microsoft fans, but they come from a special launch event held by Xbox Japan. If folks didn't attend that event, we'd be a little more worried, but still, the pictures of empty lines are a bit jarring.

What can we gather from all this? Perhaps the initial price tag was too much for the majority of the Japanese audience, or maybe they just plain didn't like the launch lineup, so they're holding off. Whatever the reason, it looks like Microsoft is off to a slow start with the Xbox One in Japan, which is exactly what they didn't want.

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