Did you ever look at your 3DSXL and say, “this is cool, but I really want my handheld to be a crime to fashion everywhere?” You are a strange person, but if you live in the UK, then you’ll actually get the chance to make everyone’s eyes bleed while playing Pokemon X and Y. Destructoid confirms that UK territories will be getting a brand new hot pink Nintendo 3DS XL unit, and it’s as gaudy as it sounds.

The new hot pink unit will be released in UK territories at the end of the month, specifically May 31st. No other regions are confirmed to be receiving the model yet. The hot pink DS is a much more … pronouncED pink than the soft pink and white model that is now available for purchase.

When Nintendo announced the Luigi model of 3DS XL, we asked why America wasn’t getting it. When they announced the Animal Crossing model, we asked why it took so long to get to us. Now, you know what? You can keep this one UK. It’s all yours.