Blizzard is nearing its release of Patch 5.2 for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. To heighten the anticipation, a new trailer that details the inner workings of The Thunder King has surfaced.

Emperor Lei Shen, aka The Thunder King, is an unyielding ruler who once enslaved the Pandarians. Recently resurrected, the Thunder King and the Zandalari trolls attempt to bring his royal badness back to power. Players can team up for a new raid titled the Throne of Thunder to take him down. The raid features 12 boss encounters, and gamers that defeat The Thunder King in heroic mode will face a 13th boss named Ra-den.

"Can the heroes sound the drums," says Lorewalker Cho during the trailer's narration. "The Thunder King comes. The Thunder King comes."

Check out the Mists of Pandaria - Patch 5.2 trailer below.