Mullet? Check. One eye? Double-check --- err, guess the one check will do. Beard? Check-a-mundo! And frankly, that's all that's needed to get us thinking that The Phantom Pain may in fact be Metal Gear Solid V.

The internet has been abuzz with different theories and fans are digging into the trailer for any clue. The most plausible one so far is hidden in the game's logo itself. The wizards in a thread on NeoGAF, have found that the spaces in the logo's text can be filled in to spell out "Metal Gear Solid V", like so:

Then there's the fact that the game's developer, Moby Dick Studio, is headed by a man named Joakim Mogren. Joakim is an anagram of Kojima and Mogren has the word "ogre" in it, which could be a reference to Kojima's Project Ogre. We should all be stroking our chins now and giving our screens a very discerning look.

The trailer itself takes place in a hospital under attack from what appears to be a military force. We see it from the perspective of an injured soldier with one hand. He's helped up by a fellow patient with bandages wrapped around his face as the building is attacked.

This all seems pretty standard fair for a what could be story-driven tale of survival, but then the flaming unicorn arrives. The trailer definitely takes a turn for the supernatural after this happens and we see a flaming soldier who kind of resembles Colonel Volgin from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

We also witness a soldier that floats off the ground and breathes heavily through a mask. Could this masked villain possibly be Psycho Mantis? Oh, and the very end of the trailer is a giant, flaming whale in the sky that eats a helicopter. We don't even know what to think anymore at this point.

Check out the video from GameTrailers below and make up your own conspiracy theories. The trailer for The Phantom Pain starts at the 10:45 mark. Then let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are about this project.