A new trailer for The Order: 1886 surfaced during Sony's Gamescom 2014 press conference, bringing details of new weaponry, new environments, and new characters in the story along with it.

The trailer introduces us to Nikola Tesla, the real-world genius who is the creator of all of the weaponry the Order uses in the game. The PlayStation Blog describes him as "one of the greatest minds Humanity has ever seen" and says that he " not only brings with him real-world history but also the genius of his inventions that are the foundation of many of the weapons and devices you will experience in the game, including the Arc Gun and the Thermite Rifle."

The trailer then shown those weapons in action against a slew of different enemies, including human rebels fighting with the Order and the werewolf-like creature we saw in the E3 2014 trailer, in brand new environments that no trailer had presented before. All of this is shown in the incredible graphical style that The Order: 1886 has showcased since its debut, and the more we see the more we want to check it out.

The Order: 1886 launches on PlayStation 4 on Feb. 20, 2015.