If you, like many others, have memorized the beat to the Super Mario Bros. refrain, you're going to love the Easter egg that comes with the New Nintendo 3DS.

Earlier this week, we found out that Nintendo is discontinuing the old Nintendo 3DS XL handhelds and replacing them on store shelves with the New 3DS XL. Now, Kotaku reports that among the other changes made to the New 3DS, there's one that will especially appeal to the players in the form of an awesome Easter egg.

When happening upon a Vine of the New 3DS, The Verge's Sam Byford found out that when you tap out the beginning notes of Mario's theme song in the browser menu, awesomeness ensues. The interface of the 3DS changes "into the classic block-breaking arcade game Breakout." When you tap out the notes, you get to play a version of Breakout where you "destroy each URL brick by brick".

Among the obviously cool Breakout-esque game, the New 3DS will come with improved 3D functionality, a faster processor and a second analog stick (more like a nub). The New 3DS has yet to have a launch window for US and Europe, which means that we must sit here and be jealous of Australia, New Zealand, and Japan until its yet-to-be-announced release date is revealed.