If you're feeling the need to get your heart rates spiking, the intense Factions multiplayer suite of The Last of Us Remastered is getting new add-ons.

There are few multiplayer experiences as intense as the Factions multiplayer games, in which you're armed with barely anything and have to go up against other groups of ragtag survivors.

In this new update, you'll get the chance to purchase new weapons like the tactical shotgun and crossbow in the Tactical Weapons Bundle, for $2.99 or $0.99 per weapon. The Risk Management Survival Skills Bundle will cost $3.99 and include the Lone Wolf, Second Chance, Jack of All Trades, Lucky Break and Lethal Efficiency skills, all of which make it easier for you to survive and gather resources, as well as offer you new execution animations.

The Misfit Head Item Bundle will cost $6.99 and include cosmetic items such as the Viking Hat, Plague Mask, Smiley Mask, Outlaw Mask, Ski Goggles, Broken Gas Mask, Ballistic Helmet and Urban Camo Helmet. These items can all be purchased individually, except for the Plague Mask, which is exclusive to the bundle.

To complete the update, there are the new Gestures Packs 2 and 3. Gesture Pack 2 includes Dust Myself Off, Evil Laugh, Game Over, and Intimidation. Gesture Pack 3 includes You’re Done, Combat Formation, Stretch, and I’m Watching You. Each pack costs $2.49, but individual gestures can be purchased for $0.99.

The updated add-ons should go live as soon as the PlayStation Store updates, so boot up the game and start slamming your boots down on your defeated enemies!