You know remember those creative pictures you took with Joel during The Last of Us Remastered? Naughty Dog is letting you enter those awesome pics into a contest.

Naughty Dog has announced on the PlayStation Blog that it was amazed by the numerous creative uses of the The Last of Us Remastered's Photo Mode. As a result, Naughty Dog has decided to respond to its plethora of Twitter feed photos, posted by hardcore fans, by opening up a contest based on The Last of Us' Photo Mode. Prizes include poster-sized versions of your winning photo signed by the Naughty Dog team, a Joel and Ellie statue from the game's original Pandemic Edition (good luck finding one now), a digital copy of game's art book and more.

The contest runs now until Sept. 5. To qualify, you must follow Naughty Dog on Twitter, send your photo to their Twitter and use the hashtag #TLOUPhotoModeContest. You must also specify whether you want this picture to count as an action, character or environmental photo. You must also use your SHARE button on the PS4 and must be a United States' resident.

Here is a photo I personally made for fun using Photo Mode last week:

Naughty Dog

It's hard to find a Kodak Moment when your world was ravaged by a deadly virus.