Update: Arne Meyer, a Naughty Dog community strategist, has officially announced on the PlayStation Blog that The Last of Us Remastered is indeed coming to PS4 and will include its major pieces of downloadable content. Naughty Dog has stated that we will see The Last of Us Remastered out sometime this summer.

Original story follows below.

The Sony Entertainment Network website has just added an official listing to pre-order The Last of Us Remastered for a PlayStation 4 release.

CVG reports that this updated, PS4 version of The Last of Us is priced at $59.99. Unfortunately, clicking the actual post with the intent to pre-order leads to a broken link, indicating that Sony will go back to finish its official posting. Just a few days ago, Xtralife, a Spanish retail website, posted a listing for The Last of Us Remastered that had a release date of June 19.

An interview with Sercan Sulun, a PlayStation Eurasian Software Market Manager, mentioned that a PS4 version of The Last of Us was on the way and that it would include its Left Behind downloadable content. Sulun also stated that an official sequel wouldn't be happening for quite some time. If Xtralife was right, June 19 is going to be a great day for PS4 owners.

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