Any time a video game is adapted into a film, fans immediately wonder how close it will match the source material. Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann has some news for The Last of Us fans in that regard.

There haven't been many updates since March when the movie was announced. However, after talking about a few Uncharted 4: A Thief's End details, Neil Druckmann sat down with Game Informer to answer a few questions on the elusive movie. There wasn't much that Druckmann could share this early in development, but what he had to offer paints a bit of a picture of what to expect.

Druckmann admitted that the script is in its second draft, and that he and the production team did a table read with a bunch of actors, which makes it seem as though the script is at least stable enough to be feeling out what's awkward and what should be changed, instead of completely coming up with content. He also admitted that the script will be staying pretty faithful to the game, although, "There are some big changes, but the tone and what the story's trying to say are pretty faithful to the game."

It seems that it's just a waiting game for the movie at this point, and we'll just have to be sure to keep up with whatever updates we can get our hands on until there's at least a release date.

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