If you think you're just about the best at "super listening to things," then Smosh Games is here to tell you that you would be awesome at The Last of Us.

In a game that Smosh has dubbed "a PlayStation exclusive so bleak, it makes Killzone look like Kingdom Hearts," you will be battling the zombie apocalypse as Ellie, a young girl who looks like Ellen Page, and Joel, "a guy in his late forties with a mysterious past and a mean case of old-man strength." Needless to say, this game isn't for the weak hearted with things such as encountering, "horrific sights like torture, suicide, Pittsburgh and dead children." And players will have to be at the top of their game to "face enemy AI that hunts Joel down relentlessly."

In the end, Smosh invites you to "experience the game critics tripped over themselves to shower with praise and was a near unanimous choice for game of the year but... they're actually kind of right, the game is amazing."

View the video above for some hearty belly laughs to try and set your mind straight after playing such a depressing, yet awesome game.