Details for the final pieces of downloadable content for The Last of Us have been revealed, giving players something to look forward to at the end of the month.

Eric Monacelli, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, posted to the PlayStation Blog, giving fans details on the Grounded Bundle and what they'll receive in the DLC pack.

The Grounded Bundle will include new trophies that tie into the new single-player and multiplayer content. According to Monacelli, completing Grounded Mode "might be one of the most difficult Trophies you'll ever earn." Along with the Trophies and new difficulty, the Grounded Bundle will add the Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, featuring the Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine and Water Tower multiplayer maps. Again, you'll have to combine your stealth, climbing, flanking and survival skills in order to help your clan come out on top. It's also good to see variety in the maps, taking us from Boston with the Capitol to the cramped spaces in Lincoln, PA with the Water Tower map.

Along with the maps come new guns and survival skills in a pack called the Survivalist Weapon Bundle. You'll get the Specter silenced assault rifle, Double Barrel shotgun, Enforcer pistol and the explosive-firing Launcher weapons with this pack.

The Situational Survival Skills Bundle and the Professional Survival Skills Bundle will also be available to help you further customize your playstyle, depending on whether or not you prefer to be stealthy killer, a survivalist or an all-out fighter.

Regardless of whether or not you hold a Season Pass, everyone will receive the Full-Auto Rifle for free. Getting a fully automatic, modified burst mode rifle isn't a bad way to end out the season in DLC for The Last of Us.

Here's a rundown on the pricing for the DLC packs in the Grounded Bundle if you're not a Season Pass holder:

  • Grounded Mode - $4.99
  • Reclaimed Territories Map Pack - $9.99
  • The Survivalist Weapon Bundle - $5.99
  • Situational Survival Skills Bundle - $3.99
  • Professional Survival Skills Bundle - $3.99
But if you're a Season Pass holder, you get all of this good stuff for free. If you're still interested in getting the Season Pass, you only have until the week of May 13 to get it for $19.99
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