The Gold Nunchuk is available once more as a Club Nintendo Reward.

If you missed out on the golden accessory the first time around, you'll want to act quickly and snag one before they're long gone again. Zelda fans who picked up The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Gold Remote Bundle wanted a Nunchuk that matched their golden Wii-Motes. Their prayers to the Goddesses were answered and Nintendo let these puppies loose as Club Nintendo Rewards, but they've quickly sold out twice in a row.

The last time these Nunchuks were available was in late November, but there's no telling how long they'll stay in stock this time and, if they'll be restocked in the future, when they'll be back. Like the description on the item's page says, there are limited quantities. If you've got a spare 900 Club Nintendo Coins, go buy one now!

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