Endnight Games stays true to its name in this trailer of its new survival horror title, The Forest.

The Forest's alpha has been out on Steam Early Access since May, but the team at Endnight Games told the public today at the PlayStation Experience that they will also be bringing the game to PlayStation 4. If you've ever watched a horror movie with random teenagers sitting in the woods and yelled at the screen because you thought you could do it better, now's your chance. The game tells a story where you get to pick all your decisions and the only goal is to stay alive and not get eaten by the raging cannibals roaming around the woodlands.

"There are no missions, no NPC's telling you what to do and no text in the middle of the screen telling you to 'Follow'," said Anna Terekhova, the co-founder of Endnight Games, on PlayStation Blog. In other words, you get to take control of every situation you're in and the way the game goes relies on you.

You can play the game now on Steam Early Access for PC or wait for its release on PlayStation 4, but either way you'd better be brushing up on your survival and sprinting skills.