This new trailer for The Evil Within seems more in tune with Resident Evil 4 than its sequels were, and that isn't a bad thing at all.

Just in time for PAX East, Tango Gameworks has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for The Evil Within, and it is shaping up to be absolutely terrifying, which we wouldn't have any other way. The Evil Within tells the story of Detective Sebastien Castellanos as he investigates a series of mass murders. Ultimately, Sebastien finds himself fighting against undead creatures, sadistic murderers and a new, horrific villain called Boxman (Dr. Wily be praised).

When we compare The Evil Within to Resident Evil, it should be no surprise. The Evil Within and RE4 were directed by Shinji Mikami, who has been one of the head people in charge of the Resident Evil franchise until 2006. Many players attest the declining sense of suspense and horror in Resident Evil 5 and 6 to Shinji Mikami's lack of involvement. Nevertheless, Shinji Mikami has become a name that is synonymous with survival horror gaming, and we're glad to see him return to the genre he helped build.

Be prepared for the fright of your life when The Evil Within comes out on August 26 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.