Here are a few more details on the new features that you'll find in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The details were posted to the PlayStation Blog by Thomas Wilson, Creative Director at Beenox. Some of the key changes involve the way Spider-man gets around Manhattan, his new role as Peter Parker, the new use of his cell phone and how he combats bad guys.

The web-swinging has been revamped to give you more control. The triggers will shoot out web either to the left or the right, which will make more sense depending on whether or not there are buildings to either side of the webcrawler. This new style of swinging can be combined with the Web Rush, which allows Spidey to choose where he'll end up after a series of acrobatic moves.

New to the series is the chance to play as Peter Parker himself, who now has a more expanded role. Fans apparently clamored for this, so now they're getting it. Peter can hop a train to Aunt May's and interact with characters, sans Spidey suit. The cell phone now will track whether or not the citizens of New York view Spider-Man as a Hero or a Menace. Your actions (or inactions) will affect your standing with the public.

Spider-Man also has more combat options available to him, including take-downs while hanging upside-down. You can either take down baddies from afar or get in close with a flurry of web powers and combos.

Look out for all of the changes when the game is released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Apr. 29.

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