Back in the '80s, vector graphics divided arcade gamers. Some liked how the geometric lines of releases like Star Wars were simplistic and visually pleasing, while others preferred the cartoonish 8-bit stylings of releases like Dig Dug and Frogger. If you find yourself in the former camp, you'll want to seek out Atari's The Adventures of Major Havoc.

Set in a dystopian future in which aliens and their robotic henchmen have enslaved humanity, the game lets players become a clone of the heroic Major Havoc as he attempts to save the day. Where the inventiveness kicks in with this one is through then-unheard of gameplay mechanics that included the ability to skip levels and play mini-games. Part shooter/part platformer, the game is a blast of wonder that is highlighted by its fluid graphics and constant surprises. You can see a video of the game in action here. Check it out and wonder why you haven't heard of Major Havoc and his noble quest sooner.