DropMix Review
By allowing players to simply play cards to make their own memorable tracks, as well as providing a surprising bit of strategy in versus modes, DropMix continues Rock Band developers Harmonix's elevated expectations of what can be accomplished when you mix video games with chart-topping hits.
Hasbro Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Review
For a team that came together due to a special event, A-Force made more of an impact than the short life of their solo series would have you believe. The all-woman team of Marvel heroes got their shot during Secret Wars, and then spun off into their own series the Marvel U proper following the end o…
Angry Birds Star Wars Toys Announced
Hot off the recent announcement that an Angry Birds Star Wars game is coming to the App Store on November 8th, Hasbro, Lucasfilm and Rovio are going to be coming out with a brand new line of toys!