Final Fight

Ask Chris #226: Pitching The 'Final Fight' Comic
Q: Which video game series would you love to pitch a comic series for? -- @rrob_IV

A: I'm not going to lie to you, Rob: I have always wanted to make comics about video games. I think I've talked about this before, but the first memory I have of actually trying to make comics was laying on…
Poisonous Cosplay
Today's Cosplay of the Day is a bit of a controversial choice, but we decided to include her anyway, despite her ability to cause schisms within the gaming community. Let's check out Poison, from Final Fight!
Final Fight vs Streets of Rage
In the '90s you couldn't walk five feet without tripping over a beat 'em up game. Often when a video game genre becomes oversaturated, you end up with mostly stinkers. Not so with the beat 'em up, no sir! It seemed that, the more their popularity grew, the more inventive they became. Soon you had si…