One of last year's most talked about PC titles is making the jump to consoles next month. Outlast will be available on the PlayStation 4 starting in February, and to make the move even sweeter, it'll be free for PS+ subscribers.

Red Barrels made the announcement on the Outlast Facebook page, ahead of Sony. Typically the PlayStation Plus additions are announced by the console-maker just before the start of a new month. January's offerings included DMC: Devil May Cry, BioShock Infinite and Don't Starve.

For those of you unfamiliar with Outlast, you play as an investigator looking into the mysterious happenings at an old asylum. Armed with nothing but a camcorder, you've got to explore and survive with little else but your wits while deranged men and monsters are out to ensure the truth never gets out.

There's been a strong indie presence on the PlayStation 4 since it launched, and that's exactly what Sony promised during all its press conferences last year. While many people have been playing titles like Don't Starve and Outlast for some time on PC, getting such a big push on consoles is great for everyone involved. Developers get their games seen by (potentially) millions of people that may never have heard of a particular title before, and early adopters of the PS4 get their hands on some really interesting free games they might otherwise have never tried.

All we know is there are going to be plenty of screaming streams when Outlast arrives. We might just be one of them.