What do you do when the going gets 'puff? You pump out a bad pun about new Super Smash Bros. screens featuring Duck Hunt Dog and Jigglypuff.

Nintendo has posted a few new screens on the official Super Smash Bros. site showcasing the abilities and general awesomeness of the Duck Hunt Dog and everyone's favorite, karaoke-singing Pokemon, Jigglypuff.

The game might be worth it for the Duck Hunt Dog's facial expressions alone. Whether he's giving you a stupid grin, laughing at your misfortunes or just looking like he's super lazy, you know this pooch is a lot of fun.

By the same token, Jigglypuff looks pretty amazing in all of its forms, especially with its cheeks all puffed out when it's mad, about to do some serious harm to Captain Falcon. Ain't no justice like pink, puffy ball justice.

Check the gallery above for all of the screens. Super Smash Bros. will hit the Wii U on Nov. 21, 2014.