We've heard rumblings that a live-action Sunset Overdrive trailer might be coming our way, but we couldn't think of how the over-the-top shooting action could be represented in a way that would fit into the game's overall wacky tone. We apparently need to stop second-guessing everything, because that trailer is out now and it is comedic gold.

It seems Insomniac and Microsoft took out all the stops to make this trailer work, as the set looks exactly like a block of Sunset City and the costumes are spot on from what we've seen so far, especially those gross mutants. The trailer has a few moments that'll make you chuckle, including an appearance from developer Marcus Smith.

We really wish more trailers would try something like this. Not just the live-action approach, because that's cool and all, but we really mean not taking themselves so seriously. We get that Sunset Overdrive isn't the more serious game coming out this year, but throwing a little humor into your videos every once in a while couldn't hurt. Everyone loves to laugh, right? Perhaps we could all stand to laugh a little more.

Sunset Overdrive launches Oct 28 on Xbox One.

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