The rail-grinding, over-the-top gameplay of Sunset Overdrive expands well beyond its single-player campaign now that we learned about its Season Pass and the downloadable content it has coming.

The Xbox Wire reports that Sunset Overdrive's Season Pass will provide tons of content and will be available for purchase online and at participating retailers after the game's launch. The Season Pass will include three full add-ons for Sunset Overdrive. Also included with the Season Pass will be six player outfits, two new Traps and two new Amps that you can't get otherwise.

Two of Sunset Overdrive's DLC add-ons will be campaign-based, adding new locations, stories and bosses. A new Amp and Trap will be included with each DLC story. The third major add-on will be a weapons pack, which will give you four new weapons to round-out your arsenal. The Season Pass itself will also give you six new outfits and two other Amps and Traps that you can use upon the game's release. Add all of these things together and it'll feel like you're getting plenty of bang for your buck.

Sunset Overdrive launches on Oct. 28 exclusively on Xbox One. Its Season Pass will cost $19.99 and will save you 20 percent of the costs of buying all three add-ons separately.

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