Insomniac Games and Xbox have brought us a gameplay trailer showing the 8-player co-op mode for its upcoming open-world action game, Sunset Overdrive. The online mode is called Chaos Squad, and offers a variety of mission types for friends to tackle together.

Entering one of the game’s photo booths will put players into Chaos Squad mode, pairing them with friends or online strangers. Players will bring all their clothing, weapons and amps from single-player mode to the co-op mode, and try to claim even more upgrades, like cash, weapons and vanity items by completing online missions.

Chaos Squad presents players with two mission types on which to vote. Mission types range from combat-based objectives like Patrol and Convoy Ambush to more exploration-based goals like Urban Jungle Gym and Scavenger Scramble. After voting, all eight players enter the mission. Once a mission is beaten, a new vote is initiated, giving two new mission options with different objectives and a new location.

After finishing a few missions, the team enters Night Defense, a mode that combines elements of Horde Mode and Tower Defense games. Players have a limited amount of time to set traps around the environment before they are set upon by waves of enemies. Players will have to fight, maneuver and strategize in order to protect vats of Overdrive from the invading forces. The difficulty of Night Defense missions depends on the difficulty of the previous missions completed. Play it safe, and you’ll see diminished rewards upon completing Chaos Squad.

Chaos Squad sounds like a blast, utilizing every aspect of the chaotic game and presenting a unique and intriguing final mission. Insomniac promises a new experience every time players jump into Chaos Squad, and with the democratic formula they’ve come up with, it’s easy to see how that will play out. We’ll be sure to grab seven friends to fight alongside when Sunset Overdrive launches on Oct. 28 for the Xbox One.

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