Street Fighter X Mega Man has received an update over the weekend that pumps it full of enhancements and brings us a whole new hidden character.

The Capcom-Unity blog runs through some of the changes for the crossover collaboration, which include tweaks to the menus and a brand new character to fight. The video below also outlines the changes, but the new character's identity becomes a little less of a mystery once you see his animations and hear him start to yell, "Tiger --!"

According to the blog, the free update makes the following changes in the game:

  • Confirmation prompt before exiting (ESC) or resetting (F12) the game
  • E Tank glitch and various other bugs fixed
  • Improved controller support (Game defaults to keyboard on launch; make sure controller is plugged in prior to opening the file, then go into Options menu and set keys)
  • Take screenshots using F9
  • M. Bison buffed a bit (This place shall become your grave!)
  • A new challenger! (Find him yourself!)

Like we said, the new challenger is more than likely Sagat, the extremely tall muay thai fighter. Get ready to have fun fighting him and dodging all of his Tiger moves! Check out the video below to see more of the Blue Bomber in all of his retro glory.

Download the update here and let us know what other crossovers you'd like to see.