Street Fighter X Mega Man has been keeping players busy since its debut a few months ago and now it has the numbers to prove it!

A post on the Capcom-Unity Blog celebrates the game's milestone of hitting over one million worldwide downloads. Since it's DRM-free, the specific number of downloads is difficult to obtain due to the share-able nature of the game, but we can rest assured that a buttload of people grabbed it.

Not only does Capcom celebrate having hit the milestone, but they also tease some of the cool 25th Anniversary plans they have going, such as the upcoming release of the Bandai Mega Man figure, the USB Mega Buster, a few shirts, and a cool pin that you can get at PAX East and San Diego Comic-Con.

The post also reminds us that Mega Man 3 will be up on the 3DS Virtual Console on March 14th, 2013, with Mega Man 4, 5, and 6 being released in the months that follow. They should also have each game's soundtrack available once Mega Man 6 is released.

Check out the whole blog post on Capcom-Unity and let us know if you're part of the one million gamers who downloaded Street Fighter X Mega Man!