It looks like Capcom has finally learned its lesson and is planning to ship Street Fighter V with no on-disc downloadable content.

Capcom is certainly no stranger to questionable DLC practices. Some of its previous games were found to have paid downloadable content installed on their actual game discs (including Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3). You had to buy the DLC to simply unlock content on the disc you already bought. Now, Capcom promises things will be different for Street Fighter V. The House of Mega Man has said the initial version of Street Fighter V will be the only copy you'll need, meaning you won't have to buy another Turbo/Hyper/Super/Arcade/Championship Edition of the game to stay up-to-date with its roster additions and character balancing. You'll be able unlock the game's downloadable content via currency you can earn in-game or through microtransactions (though it'll most likely take a long time to unlock all available DLC without spending extra cash).

Game Revolution reports that Capcom Senior Manager Matt Dahlgren confirmed that there would be no on-disc downloadable content for Street Fighter V. While this shows a nice change up from Capcom's questionable DLC in the past, I'm still a little bit doubtful. Having zero on-disc downloadable content for Street Fighter V doesn't guarantee Capcom is straying from its greedy attitude towards premium DLC.

We could be getting Day One DLC that Capcom was developing alongside the core game the whole time and just decided to exclude it as premium content. Also, there are retailer-exclusive costumes you'll be able to get, which suggest there'll be downloadable costumes available at launch or close to it. Mind you, SFIV launched with 19 characters, and SFV is launching with just 16, with DLC characters most likely on the way. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these characters are buyable at launch, encouraging many players to utilize the microtransaction system in order to unlock them right away.

Call me skeptical, but Capcom has been one the biggest pushers of paid downloadable content in the business, and I don't think they would've changed their approaches to DLC (which has made them a lot of money over the years) unless they knew they'd be able to make as much money as before in some other way.

Street Fighter V will launch in the spring of 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC with cross-play functionality between the two.

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