Street Fighter: Legacy was a fan film that showed off an awesome battle between Ryu and Ken in live action. Now, the creators of the film are getting a chance to produce a full series called Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, complete with the blessing of Capcom!

But how are a bunch of indie film makers and martial artists going to raise money for a full length series. Kickstarter of course! The international Kickstarter is looking for £625,000 to make their series a reality. They have currently raised £9,488.

Assassin’s Fist is a reference to Ansastuken, the style of fighting that Ryu, Ken, Gouken, and Akuma study. It was mis-translated to Shotokan during the early days of Street Fighter localization in the U.S. version.

The Assassin’s Fist series will follow the story of Ryu and Ken, going back even far enough to meet Gotetsu, the father of Gouken and Akuma. The story is complete, the casting is done, and successful CGI and VFX tests have been done for special move effects. Now all that’s left is the filming.