It's probably not some weird Valentine's Day ploy to get us to admit which Street Fighter character we'd want to date, so vote to your heart's content!

A Capcom-Unity blog post asks players to take a few minutes and fill out a survey to find out which characters are their favorites.

Because the franchise has been out for 25 years, there have been numerous fighters that have come and gone, and not all of them are as timeless and beloved as Ryu or Zangief -- or are they?

Well, that's for you to figure out, dear reader! Take the survey so the good folks at Capcom can figure out whether or not they should continue putting Sakura in games and sticking Chun-Li in live-action movies. If you don't let yourself be heard, we might see more of Rolento, and we're sure nobody wants that.

Take the survey here and let us know who your favorite characters are!