Any world warriors who want to participate in Street Fighter V's upcoming online beta this month are in for a treat.

ComboFiend revealed some important details about Street Fighter V's beta on Capcom's official website. Starting on July 23, those who pre-ordered Street Fighter V from GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy or the PSN will be able to participate in the beta. Beta redemption keys will be emailed from the retailer you pre-ordered Street Fighter V from starting on July 20. Once you get your key, you can punch it into the PSN to download the SFV beta client and get ready for when the beta officially opens on July 23. The beta will last for five days and is exclusive for PS4 users. The reason for the beta is to test SFV's online code and servers.

In terms of characters, Ryu, M. Bison, Nash and Chun-Li will be initially available, with Birdie and Cammy being added to the beta on July 25. They're being added later to test out SFV's new content delivery system (spoilers: Capcom is probably planning a ton of premium DLC). Unfortunately, no type of local versus mode will be available for the beta, as it's meant to test the game's online fighting. Once you go past the start screen, you'll select a character and be put into training mode while an online opponent is found. You'll then be sent to the versus screen and the match will begin. After the match, you'll be sent to the training room and put into another queue for the next match. Having training mode open while waiting for an online queue will definitely help when it comes to finding an opponent. It will certainly keep players in the zone instead of just lounging around with nothing to do. Unfortunately, SFV's PS3 joystick/controller functionality will not be ready in time for the beta.

Street Fighter V will launch for PC and PS4 in the spring of 2016.

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