Image & Form has just announced their newest game, which is heading for the Nintendo 3DS eShop and promises not be another gimmicky 3D game. Let's take a look at SteamWorld Dig and see if this claim will hold true.

SteamWorld Dig's site describes it as a "hardcore platform mining adventure game" set for release on the 3DS and puts players in clanking boots of Rusty, a mining steambot. You'll crack deep into the earth to explore the depths beneath the earth and discover treasure, monsters, signs of past civilizations, and other secrets, all presented in high-resolution graphics.

Rusty's base of operations will be the town of Tumbleton, which is full of strange characters that need his help. We're hoping that the screenshot above isn't showing all of Tumbleton, because if it only has two buildings, then Rusty's got his work cut out for him.

The tentative release window for SteamWorld Dig is mid-2013, but we'll update you if a solid release date is set.

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