Fans of Battlefield will be glad to hear about Star Wars Battlefront's Supremacy mode. We also learn why the game is lacking a single-player campaign.

DICE revealed details on Star Wars Battlefront's new Supremacy mode (via Polygon), which will be featuring both ground and vehicle-based combat on a massive scale between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Those familiar with Battlefield's Conquest mode should feel well at home here, as Supremacy deals with holding five major control points scattered across the stage. It's up to players to try and defend the points they have and to conquer the ones their opponents control, resulting in a massive tug o'war of blaster fire over the course of a 10-minute-long round.

In an interview with GameSpot, EA Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore had some interesting comments about why the game doesn't have a single-player campaign mode. Moore suggests that EA's research found that most players don't play them as much as their multiplayer counterparts, so they decided to focus on the multiplayer experience. He explains that decisions made in the early stages of game development are based on the current trends at the time, which can be quite different than the trends happening when the game actually launches. He refers to Star Wars: The Old Republic adhering to a paid-subscription MMORPG model but having to switch to the trend of F2P.

"...very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games," Moore said.

I wholeheartedly disagree on that one, because I'm one of those people who like to play through the campaign of a game to learn its mechanics before heading out into multiplayer. At the same time, I understand that a lot of players dive into multiplayer for the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty without ever trying their single-player campaigns, but come on, it's Star Wars!

Star Wars Battlefront will debut on Nov. 17 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. All versions of the game will be able to get two special maps on Dec. 8 that take place on Jakku, the planet featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, (hitting theaters starting Dec. 18) but pre-ordering the game will let you have access to these new stages on Dec. 1.

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