After a long hiatus, Star Fox will return on the Wii U, and the latest entry in Shigeru Miyamto's flagship ship-fragging series will feature a bevy of improvements to make use of the Wii U's unique technology.

Not only will players be able to view the aerial space combat battles in the traditional third-person view, the Wii U gamepad will allow them to switch to a cockpit view to give a more personal angle to the action. “What we have on the Gamepad screen is a cockpit view, and on the TV screen you’ve got a third person, more cinematic view,” Miyamoto stated in an interview with iJustine (spotted by VG247). “As you’re playing, you’ll find you’re spending your time looking back and forth between the two. When you want see the really cool cinematic visuals as you’re playing, you’ll look up at the TV screen and when you want to get really serious about battling an enemy, you’ll look down at the cockpit view.”

Nintendo's always been one to try to expand the gameplay experience with new technology, and this sounds like a solid way to mix up your play. The first-person view sounds potentially limited and disorienting, but if done right it'll make for a solidly cinematic method of viewing the action (providing you're not too busy barfing from doing one too many barrel rolls).

Though few solid details are known about Star Fox Wii U, we do know the game will support the Nintendo amiibo figures, and is slated to arrive before the new Legend of Zelda this year.