Paintball evolves in these new screenshots of Splatoon, showcasing new characters, weapons, enemies, battlegrounds and more.

Nintendo of America's official Facebook page has posted a bunch of screenshots from its upcoming, paint-filled shooter, Splatoon. While a new gameplay video would be nice, Nintendo, these screenshots do hint towards the colorful adventures we'll be getting into less than two months from now. We get to see new weapons, such as the Splat Roller, which is a giant paint roller-like weapon that smears colors in massive lines, and the Splattershot, a shotgun-like weapon. We also get to see some of the new characters and enemies. These enemies go with the squid-theme of the game, hinting that there are bipedal, enemy mollusks trying to get in your way. It's interesting to see that some of these enemies just look like goofy tentacles, while others are just little girls with tentacles for hair. We also get a look at the city hub area.

Last week, we reported that the legendary Nintendo franchise creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, recently explained that Nintendo's portly plumber was originally intended to be the main character of Splatoon, which pretty much undermines everything he did in Super Mario Sunshine, where he was using a water cannon to erase all the harmful paint in the world brought on by Bowser Jr. Thankfully, Nintendo decided to go with the transforming-squid-spewing-ink motif instead of Mario with a paint-filled Super Soaker.

Splatoon is expected to launch this May exclusively for the Wii U.