Nintendo has revealed all kinds of goodies coming to Splatoon, including a special eShop demo, post-launch DLC, mini-games and character costumes.

The latest Nintendo Direct event is all about the Wii U's upcoming ink-based shooter, Splatoon. There's going to be a ton of post-launch content coming to the game for free, but before that, there will be a "Global Testfire," which is a special demo you can download from the Wii U eShop. The Global Testfire will let you play in 4v4 multiplayer matches, but there's a catch. Each Global Testfire event is only an hour long. So far, there are Testfires scheduled for 5-6 PM EST on May 8, 1-2 AM EST and 9-10 AM EST on May 9.

In terms of free DLC, Splatoon will be getting new battlegrounds added throughout the summer, as well as new weapons, game modes and equipment. Nintendo has a major update coming in August that will add more matchmaking features, like letting organized four-man groups queue up for a fight. Make sure you check the Nintendo Direct video above to see how the game actually works, such as how to turn into a squid and swim through ink. We're certainly digging how imaginative and fun Splatoon is looking. We can't wait to see what else Nintendo has planned for its blotted future.

Splatoon will be debuting exclusively for the Wii U on May 29. Pre-ordering the game at GameStop will get you a special code for Mii Fighter Splatoon outfits to use in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.