Sony is kicking off its annual summer program, PlayStation Store PLAY, today with a lineup of new games and special offers for customers.

Four new games will join the PlayStation Store as part of the event, including two PlayStation exclusives; Hohokum, developed by the UK-based Honeyslug, mixes platforming, exploration and interactive music for a uniquely relaxing experience, while CounterSpy, from Dynamighty, puts a modern spin on old 2D spy games like Elevator Action and Rolling Thunder. Cellar Door’s Rogue Legacy lives up to its name with a mix of platforming and roguelike action in procedurally generated dungeons, and Curve Studios’ The Swapper challenges players to solve complex teleportation puzzles in a moody, atmospheric setting. Rogue Legacy will be available first, on July 29, with The Swapper, Hohokum and CounterSpy dropping each following week.

Hohokum and CounterSpy are priced at $11.99, while The Swapper and Rogue Legacy will set you back $15.99 and $13.59, respectively. All four games are available for Cross-Buy, meaning gamers can play them on the PS3, PS4 or PlayStation Vita. Not only can players essentially buy three versions of the game for the price of one, they can also get vouchers for PlayStation Store credit for buying multiple titles. Buying two games will result in a $3 credit, while purchasing 3 games garners a $6 credit. Players who buy all four will receive $10 by way of a voucher that will be delivered by Sept. 5, and expires on Oct. 3.

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