Sony couldn't let Microsoft be the only one having a huge sale this week, so now it's rolling out its own Critics' Choice and Oscars Sales.

Announced on its PlayStation Blog, the Critics' Choice Sale will be comprised of some of the top games from 2014, and the Oscars Sale will be discounting Academy Award-winning films. These will be great sales for the gamer who sometimes wants to take a load off his thumbs and just watch the action happen without having to make it happen. Sony will also be adding in the perk of a $15 credit for every $100 spent through Feb. 24. You can expect the credit to pop up on or before March 2, and it must be redeemed by 11:59PM Pacific on March 31.

You'd better get your wallets ready because there are some pretty awesome games that are about to go on sale. You can check out the full lineup on the post, but if you want the best of the best you can check out the list below.

There are also a ton of awesome movies that you can check out on Sony's blog post, but remember in order to get these awesome games and movies you need to act fast because the sales will only last until Feb. 23.