While the announcement of PlayStation Now was certainly exciting, the bigger news for Sony was how many PlayStation 4's the company had sold through Dec. 28.

Andrew House was on stage at Sony's CES keynote, delivering all the goods on the future of the PlayStation brand. Of course, he did take some time to divulge the final sales numbers for 2013, which came in at an impressive 4.2 million consoles sold worldwide. At the beginning of December, Sony reported PS4 sales had hit 2.1 million after just a few weeks, but with an additional month of sales those numbers doubled. During that same time,

Earlier this week, we learned Microsoft had sold 3 million Xbox Ones through the end of December, which is a phenomenal mark on its own. Coupled with the PlayStation 4 sales, that means over 7 million next-gen consoles were sold in just six weeks. An impressive average and total to be sure. To be fair, the PS4 is available in more than 50 markets, while the Xbox One is currently only in 13.

Still, we're not here to pit one console against the other. That this many have sold is great news for gamers as well as publishers and developers. The install base will only grow over the next year, and it'll be worth watching to see if this new generation can continue outpacing the PS3 and Xbox 360 every step of the way.