Sony Computer Entertainment America's CEO Jack Tretton revealed the pricing strategy for games on the PlayStation 4, and promised more details throughout the year on the console's pricing.

Sitting in on CNBC's "First on CNBC" segment, Tretton talked a bit about retail strategy for the PlayStation 4. Though Tretton avoided the price of the console itself, he did divulge the planned pricing for PS4 games. "We're going to welcome free-to-play models," Tretton said. "[And] games from $0.99 up to those $60 games... we'll justify that $60 price point."

Still taking some flack for not actually showing off the PS4 itself, Tretton stated the goal was to show what the PS4 could do, not what it would look like. "I can promise you that it will be plastic, it won't be triangle shaped or round," Tretton stated. "You'll see the box in due time."

Tretton hinted there were several key dates Sony was planning to hit over the next 9-10 months where more about the pricing (and look), of the PlayStation 4 would be revealed. It's good to hear prices won't be going up in price again with the launch of new consoles, but until the games are actually on the shelf, we'll just have to take Sony's word on the matter.