At the Gamescom conference in Germany today, Sony announced that its PlayStation 4 console has sold over 10 million units since launch, making it the clear leader in the current console race.

Sony's Jim Ryan made the announcement, and pointed to the PlayStation Network and its expansive catalog of games as key factors. “The responses we have received for the PS4 system's unique gameplay experiences powered by the network, along with its vast game portfolio has been phenomenal, and I am absolutely delighted that PS4 was able to reach this commemorative milestone in less than 9 months," Ryan said. Comparatively, Microsoft’s Xbox One has shipped over five million consoles, while Nintendo’s Wii U, released a full year before the other consoles, sits at around seven million units.

Back in April, Sony boasted that the PS4 had moved over 7 million units, dwarfing sales of its direct competitors, Xbox One and Wii U, and making the console profitable in only four months. While Microsoft has scrambled to revise the mission statement for Xbox One and Nintendo has struggled to find solid third-party titles, the PS4 has rolled along smoothly, dominating hardware charts and leading in software sales. The console war isn’t over by any stretch of the imagination, but if Microsoft and Nintendo don’t start making moves to catch up soon, this console generation will belong to Sony.