The final developer diary for Sniper Elite 3 has debuted, giving us a look at the brand-new vehicle takedowns and x-ray camera.

This video features nearly four minutes of behind-the-scenes looks at how you'll be able to destroy mighty vehicles and then view them with the x-ray camera. Chris Payton, Head of Art at Rebellion, shows off the vehicle kill-cam, which shows players how exactly their bullets end up destroying vehicles likes tanks and trucks, turning engines in failed piles of pistons.

Payton said that the reason they wanted to include the kill-cam for vehicle takedowns was because the team strove for authenticity. The fact that they all happened to be fans of tanks and other vehicles just helped the process of rendering them in the game along even more. They even took a trip to The Tank Museum at Bovington to see their collection of tanks.

It's incredible to watch the tiny bullets hit little gas canisters on these behemoth tanks, causing the vehicle to explode and rendering it a flaming hulk of metal.

Robbie Cooke, Marketing & PR Coordinator at Rebellion, described how players who demoed the game at cons like PAX East had different approaches when it came to vehicle takedowns, whether it be using dynamite or taking out parts of the tank, bits at a time.

Watch the video above and look out for Sniper Elite 3 when it's released on July 1 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.