We hope you and your friends like rifles, because this Sniper Elite 3 multiplayer trailer is full of epic shots from across town.

505 Games has released its newest trailer for Sniper Elite 3, depicting all of the multiplayer mayhem that occurs when you give a group of guys access to the top weaponry of World War II. You and a group of others can get your snipe-on just like series' protagonist, OSS sniper Karl Fairburne, but on massive battlefields where headshots can come out of nowhere from other talented shooters online. As we can see in this multiplayer trailer, giving everyone a high-powered rifle can lead to an array of engagements that can be city blocks apart due to the range of these weapons.

Keep your head down, because Sniper Elite 3 will shoot first on July 1 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Pre-ordering Sniper Elite 3 will give you free access to the "Hunt the Grey Wolf" downloadable content mission, where you must try to kill Hitler during a secret trip to North Africa in 1943.