With a plethora of iOS games drawing players in with a thunderous array of sound and visual fury, Sleepwalker's Journey HD is that quiet whisper in the dark, a deliciously hazy daydream which, if you don't take notice, can simply pass you by. And that would be a shame, since collecting moons and stars while being lifted by the gentle jet stream is a lot of fun. There are no grand, ambitious gestures in this dreamy title, but if you're in need of that peaceful and easy feeling, a little sleepwalking is all you need.

As Moonboy, your job is to make it back to your bed, which is smacked dab in the middle of the skies. Ruining his respite are barriers which either block his path or lead him to a tragic fall. By connecting everything together with the use of cannons, jet streams, pillows and moving blocks, Moonboy will crash on his mattress in no time flat. Although there is a tutorial at the beginning of certain levels, it won't be hard to master the physics of each stage. On the lower left hand section of the screen is a rewind command which helps you figure out your mistakes and solve each stage in an expedited fashion. Although the levels are timed, you won't have to restart a level if Moonboy doesn't reach his bed before the clock stops ticking.

The goal of the journey is to give players a reasonably entertaining gaming experience and surround them with a visually rich environment, and if you want to soak up in the atmosphere, Sleepwalker's Journey HD delivers. With over 30 achievements to accomplish and over 45 dreams to check out, the game is far from boring, and I've had a great time lying on my couch and aimlessly drifting in the clouds as Moonboy.

Since our protagonist has no control of his movement, it's up to the gamers to control his surroundings and lead him back to safety, even if it calls for some human cannonball action.

The controls are also extremely simple, just tap and touch your device to bend the environment to Moonboy's will, and you've nailed it. Since this is a platform puzzler, the mild difficulty is seeing how the actual terrain enfolds before your very eyes. Even though you may fall to your death a couple of times in the process, the game is too easy for its own good. Players in need of constant stimulation and adrenaline will not gravitate to an experience inspired by daydreaming.

Well settled into middle age, my version of mixing it up is downing an Arnold Palmer on the rocks, as the wild and noisy days of youth are a faded memory. Sleepwalker's Journey HD doesn't offer up a whole lot of rock n' roll, but sometimes a sweet little lullaby is all the partying one needs.


App Store Link: Sleepwalker's Journey HD for iPhoneiPad | By 11 bit studios s.a. | Price: $0.99/$1.99 | Version: 1.0 | 49.3 MB | Rating 4+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating