It's time for all you collectors out there to start revving your engines, as a release date for the Silver Mario amiibo figurine has been announced.

Now that the Gold Mario amiibo added all sorts of chaos to the already hectic wave four launch, Nintendo has announced a release date for the Silver Mario figure. Unlike its gold-painted predecessor, this amiibo figure will not be a Walmart exclusive. Better yet, the Silver Mario amiibo won't have any kind of retailer exclusivity at all.

Last month, there were so many pre-orders for amiibo wave four that it caused GameStop's website to crash and its entire register system to go down. Many fans waited hours in line at their local GameStop while the company tried to recuperate from this outage. GameStop decided to only take in-store pre-orders due to the large number of people trying to get the amiibo figures. Unfortunately, this left plenty of people angry at being unable to order the figures. Nintendo promises to restock some of the more sought-out amiibo figurines and is searching for alternative means in helping everyone get what they want.

The Silver Mario amiibo will launch on May 29 for $12.99. Also launching on this date will be the rest of the amiibo line's fourth wave, which includes Charizard, Pac-Man, Ness, Wario, Lucina and Robin. Don't expect any special treatment or features from the silver amiibo, as this figurine should function similarly to the previous Mario figurines.