Samurai Punk has announced that its innovative game that actually encourages you to cheat, Screencheat, is coming to PlayStation 4.

For those of you who have always had a hard time keeping your eyes off other players screens, there's a game that will take your secretly sharpened skills and put them to the test: Screencheat. In Screencheat, it is actually your mission to look at the other players' screens since, without doing so, you're not going to have any idea where the other players are. The players are going to be invisible, so the only way to figure out where they are (besides just blindly shooting away... which also may be a fun way to play the game) is to peak at their screens. If you're confused, you can check out the trailer above for some gameplay examples. The game has been out for about six months now for PC, but now Samurai Punk will be bringing it to the PlayStation 4.

The game supports not only local multiplayer, but also online multiplayer, in case you're wondering if you always have to be with friends to play. There will be a multitude of guns that you can play with and different maps that you can play on. The games are super fast-paced, but there are landmarks to make sure you know where you and your opponents are. Remember, split-screen is a must as you use your opponent's screens to determine their location.

When the game releases for PlayStation 4, it will contain all of the content that the PC version currently contains and all the upcoming content that's in development now. This will include two new maps, a new weapon and eight-player online support.

You can look forward to Screencheat coming to PlayStation 4 sometime in Q3 2015 or you can play it now on PC through Steam, The Humble Store or for $14.95. You can also buy it for $44.99 in a pack of four game keys for you and your friends.