A video preview of ScreamRide, the out of nowhere Xbox-exclusive roller coaster simulator from Frontier Developments has emerged from the official Xbox YouTube page, and let's get one thing clear right now: this is no RollerCoaster Tycoon.

ScreamRide has all of the basics of a rollercoaster simulator game: building tracks, designing cars, crafting your own perfect thrill ride, etc. What it adds is the ability to use the cars on the track as high-powered projectiles to destroy everything on and around the track you just designed, scoring points for more destruction. It's rollercoasters meets Angry Birds, only there's no poultry or pork products in sight.

We expect to have a lot of silly fun with this game, but we won't be surprised if a lot of people have their fear of rollercoasters reinforced. After all, this game is exactly what plays out in the nightmares of anyone standing fearfully in front of a giant rollercoaster being pressured to go on, and now they have a tangible item to point to when they say "this could happen to us!" The rest of us, however, will giggle gleefully as our rollercoaster becomes a demolition derby.

ScreamRide is due out for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in Spring 2015.